Branch Welfare Officer

We have a trained Welfare Officer who can offer advice and help to our members. Provided the relevant conditions are satisfied and all the forms are properly completed, the Welfare Officer can apply for financial assistance from the RAF Association or the RAF Benevolent Fund. In our welfare work, we also work closely with the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmens’ Families Association (SSAFA) and the Royal British Legion.

If you need help, please contact us on 087 1817075 or email us at info@rafaroi.org. Our Welfare Officer will then get in touch with you.


Admission to Leopardstown Park Hospital

The Leopardstown Park Hospital Trust provides, through the hospital, facilities for the short and long-term care of former UK service personnel and their spouses, who are resident in the Republic of Ireland. Applications for admission under the terms of the Trust should be sent to; The Secretary, LPH Trust, Leopardstown Park Hospital, Foxrock, Dublin 18   Telephone: 087 4465154 E-mail: lpht1@eircom.net


Financial Assistance from the Leopardstown Park Hospital Trust

The Leopardstown Park Hospital Trust also provides financial assistance to those who have been disabled or invalided as a result of service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and who are resident in Ireland. Applications for financial assistance should be made to; SSAFA, 26 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6772554. E-mail: ssafairl@eircom.net