What We Do

We are a membership organisation which provides social and welfare support to our comrades. We believe that social contacts and outings are important aspects in the fight against loneliness and isolation.

We believe in being as inclusive as possible and our Branch has worked hard down the years to develop contacts and build friendly relationships with other organisations that have similar interests to ours. We have excellent relations with the Royal British Legion, the Royal Naval Association, the Organisation of National Ex-servicemen and Women (ONE), and the Irish United Nations Veterans’ Association (IUNVA). Members of these organisations attend our functions and our members are often invited to their functions. We find that we have very much in common and very little that divides us. Photo shows us at the Mayo Peace Park, commemorating the Battle of Britain together with our friends from the IUNVA:

Mayo Peace Park

In 2014, we visited RAF Valley, the National Arboretum at Alrewas and the museum at RAF Cosford.  Picture on the left below shows Ted Jones, a WW2 Catalina pilot who was mightily delighted to see a Catalina there in all its old glory. We almost had to restrain him from jumping in and taking off in it.

In 2015, we organised a trip to RAF Brize Norton and the RAF Museum at RAF Duxford. Our tour of RAF Brize Norton included seeing the A330 Voyager passenger/tanker, Hercules C130J, the Base Hangar, Operations, No 1 Parachute Training School, Police Dog Section, Air Traffic Control and the Fire Section. For all the veterans, it brought back memories and was a pleasure to be amongst the men and women of today’s Royal Air Force, and it demonstrated that unique bond which exists between us. Picture on the right below shows two of our members at RAF Brize Norton. After RAF Brize Norton, we visited the museum at RAF Duxford.

RAF Cosford        RAF Brize Norton

Our monthly socials are informal affairs where we get together for a chat, a few drinks and snacks. We are honoured and privileged to have some WW2 veterans among us. These are amazing people with extraordinary stories to tell.

Remember, you are welcome to join us, we are a welcoming and friendly bunch. If you are interested in becoming a member, please go to Membership for details and to download a Membership Application Form.